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Rammy Returns Home Sporting a New Look in the Annual Homecoming Parade

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Rammy Returns Home Sporting a New Look in the Annual Homecoming Parade

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Rammy Returns Home Sporting a New Look in the Annual Homecoming Parade

Pom-poms, floats, banners, dancing student groups, dignitaries waving in cars, the sounds of the alumni band leading the way… WCU's Homecoming Parade will spread purple and gold cheer up and down Rosedale Avenue, particularly in front of Sykes Student Union, this Saturday, October 28, beginning at 10 a.m. Highlighting the festivities will be none other than WCU's favorite Golden Ram, "Rammy," who will have a big surprise for his University herd this year. Rammy will reveal a brand-new look to students, alumni, borough friends, and other spectators as he strides in as the last parade attraction and officially begins homecoming festivities. Rain or shine, Rammy will be the star of the parade as he bears Halloween treats for all good students!

Immediately following the parade, Rammy will visit WCU students and members of the community at the inaugural Church Street Fest on North Campus. After saying hello to his many friends, Rammy will strut off to South Campus to visit alumni and the President's Gold Box. Then, he will dash off to Farrell Stadium to greet all of his fans at the pre-game show that will take place at approximately 1:50 p.m., immediately prior to the WCU vs. East Stroudsburg football game. Fans will also have the opportunity to take selfies with Rammy in a photo booth.

The mascot's updated look is a student-inspired initiative. WCU students were asked last spring for their thoughts about updating the beloved mascot's looks in a way that would best express WCU's spirit. Voices were heard and a new iteration was developed as part of a campus-wide spirit campaign.

Taking the job as mascot from the University's goat in 1946, Rammy has been an iconic symbol of WCU spirit and pride for more than 70 years. The mascot represents tradition for thousands of alumni and WCU students today. Rammy's story is one that reflects the overwhelming pride that WCU students feel when they finally become Golden Rams.


More About Rammy

From the time he was a lamb, it was obvious that Rammy was different. Wandering the fields of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Rammy's curiosity almost always took him to interesting places and made him stand out from his herd. One day, Rammy noticed a castle building in the distance – Rams have excellent eye-sight after all. Although it appeared that the castle had been there for many generations, no one from Rammy's herd knew anything about it. That's when Rammy realized that it was up to him to be a leader; that there was more out in the world for him to explore, to learn, to achieve. He set out for the castle that very day.

He traveled over hills and dales and crossed many treacherous streams. It wasn't an easy path, but eventually he arrived at the grand castle.

As Rammy walked through the castle's arch, his eyes grew wide. Standing before him were rams with horns as bright as the sun. Rammy approached one of the rams and marveled, "I've never seen a ram like you before." The ram replied, "That's because we're Golden Rams. We are courageous, determined, kind, and we welcome all rams." Rammy assured him, "I can be all of those things." "Come and join us," the Golden Ram replied, "but you'll have to prove yourself." Rammy joined the herd and learned to exemplify the qualities of a Golden Ram. Rammy learned leadership, perseverance, ways to sharpen his mind, and how to celebrate all differences from his new herd. They learned plenty from him, too.

Rammy started traveling far and wide to share his knowledge, and to lend a helpful hoof to others. Soon, Golden Rams weren't just living in West Chester, they could be found across the state, the country, and the globe.

Years later, Rammy was walking past the castle when he stopped suddenly in his tracks. His reflection in a window caught his eye. He was much different than he remembered. He had confidence, ambition, wisdom, and above all, his horns were gold. He was a Golden Ram."

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